Biosignal Ltd (ASX: BOS) has engaged US company Bioduro Inc to further develop two different classes of therapeutic compounds based on Biosignal's novel technology. Biosignal's therapeutic target markets are respiratory infections and urinary tract infections.

BioDuro is a leading life science outsourcing services company with particular strengths in discovery and pre-clinical chemistry.

Two mouse respiratory trials using new Biosignal compounds, reported in May and August 2006, demonstrated significantly reduced Pseudomonas aeuruginosa infection. This is the main bacterium that causes severe lung infections in cystic fibrosis sufferers. Lung inflammation was also significantly reduced. Severe lung and other respiratory infections are the largest global antibiotics markets and Biosignal's main therapeutic targets.

Biosignal announced in June 2006 that compounds had prevented biofilm formation of Eli by 90 percent in lab trials. This result was achieved without killing bacteria or inhibiting their growth. Eli is the key pathogen causing urinary tract infections (UTI) - the second-most common type of bacterial infections.

Biosignal will now test compounds in an animal UTI model at the University of New South Wales in Sydney as well as test further compounds in the animal lung infection model with Professor Michael Givskov of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen,.

As part of the new program, PureTech Development LLC's experts will serve as part-time members of Biosignal's therapeutic project team. The therapeutic program is managed by Biosignal's head of R&D Professor Peter Steinberg. Puretech Development's R&D experts originally from Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer will advise Professor Steinberg on overall planning and management of the program while PureTech Development's chemistry expert Dr Hal Meyers will work directly with Biosignal's Head of Chemistry, Dr Naresh Kumar to provide specific support to Biosignal's medicinal chemistry activities.

Dr Meyers has more than 17 years of pharmaceutical drug discovery experience at several highly successful US biotech companies including senior positions at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Sphinx Pharmaceuticals, New Chemical Entities and Daiamed. His expertise encompasses structure based drug design, medicinal and combinatorial chemistry and natural products synthesis, purification and analysis.

"The company will now increase the pace in advancing the therapeutic opportunity," said Mr Michael Oredsson, Managing Director of Biosignal. "Biotechs and pharmaceutical companies with a stake in the US$ 27 billion antibiotics market are very interested in new drug candidates that act directly on resistant biofilms. If results from testing remain positive, we expect to spin out or partner the therapeutic program in 2007 to progress towards human trials."


About Biosignal and the anti-biofilm technology

Biosignal listed on the ASX in April 2004 to commercialise a novel anti-bacterial technology. The first application is reducing risks of infection from contact lenses.

Biosignal's anti-biofilm technology is based on a discovery that the eastern Australian seaweed Delisea pulchra produces natural furanones that disable bacteria's ability to colonise. The fundamental problem with existing anti-bacterials, including antibiotics, is their tendency to generate bacterial resistance. Bacteria rapidly produce resistant strains when faced with strong selective pressure by killing agents or growth-inhibitory agents. Furanones lull bacteria to inaction and appear to avoid the problem of bacterial resistance.

Biosignal produces synthetic compounds effective on inanimate surfaces such as pipes, membranes and medical devices; and animate surfaces such as lungs, skin and teeth.

About PureTech Development LLC

US-based PureTech Development LLC functions as an on-the ground manager of US operations for non-US, life science companies. Its team and unparalleled top executive network support its clients' key strategic, scientific, funding and business development objectives through hands-on execution.

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