Exactech, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXAC) confirmed today that its Optetrak(R) knee system with net compression molded polyethylene proved to have wear characteristics that are superior to those reported by competitors. Responding to competitive claims regarding knee replacement performance, Exactech cited laboratory testing that simulates normal walking conditions and long-standing data that clearly demonstrated the superiority of the Optetrak knee to those cited in recent competitive claims. Additionally, the Optetrak knee system has met the ultimate test-excellent clinical experience.

According to Exactech Executive Vice President for Research and Development Gary Miller, Ph.D., "Despite recent claims of superior performance of new polyethylene technologies, net compression molded polyethylene remains the 'gold standard' for total knee replacement bearing components. It has better wear characteristics than those reported for the new competitive technologies, excellent fracture toughness, and has more than 20 years of peer reviewed, published data demonstrating excellent clinical results."

In simulator testing representing normal walking conducted at the Hospital for Special Surgery (Dana Research Center), Exactech's Optetrak net compression molded polyethylene demonstrated a wear rate of 1.46mg/Mc(1), which is 72% better than wear rates recently cited by a competitor.

Two main drivers affect polyethylene performance in total knee replacement: design and materials. The design of the Optetrak knee system builds on a strong lineage of clinically proven knees, such as the Total Condylar, the I/B(R) and I/B II(R). Optimized congruency between the femoral and tibial components (a patented feature) reduces contact stress, further improving polyethylene wear. Additional design features allow for more natural patellar tracking from extension to flexion.

The design behind the Optetrak knee system has been evolving and improving for 34 years. Its lineage began with a concept developed at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Successive designs, guided by clinical and laboratory data, demonstrated 91-98% long-term implant survival rates.(2,3)

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1 Furman BD, Lai S, Li S. A comparison of knee simulator wear rates between directly molded and extruded UHMWPE. Presented at Society for Biomaterials, 2001.

2 Robinson R. Five-year follow-up of primary Optetrak Posterior Stabilized total knee arthroplasties in osteoarthritis. J Arthroplasty. 2005 Oct;20(7):927-31.

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