The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has expressed its extreme disappointment after the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) announced a review of the scientific evidence base regarding the eradication of bovine TB in Wales.

In an oral statement Environment and Sustainable Development Minister John Griffiths said that the Chief Scientific Adviser Professor John Harries will appoint an independent panel of experts to peer review the scientific evidence. The panel will report in the autumn.

Commenting, Professor Bill Reilly, Past President of the BVA, said:

"We are extremely disappointed that this additional review has been deemed necessary by the new Government.

"If new evidence is presented it must be considered, but we are not aware of any.

"The Welsh Assembly Government has already taken extensive action to show that the scientific basis for a badger cull as part of the bovine TB eradication plan is robust.

"The facts have not changed and this is yet another look at the same evidence.

"The BVA has made its position clear and the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales has made her position clear. Further delays to the roll out of the eradication programme will simply cause further devastation to Welsh cattle herds."

British Veterinary Association

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