MEDICANIMAL, after launching the business to provide premium pet care at affordable prices six months ago, is now one of the fastest-growing animal health retailers on the world-wide-web.

Andrew Bucher MRCVS and Ivan Retzignac founded MedicAnimal; two people with one goal, to provide not just affordable animal healthcare, but also care with a conscience.

Andrew Bucher, a veterinary surgeon, said: "We set up MedicAnimal because we both had the same philosophy, pet healthcare should be affordable, convenient, and can only be socially responsible if it is in collaboration with vets and charities.

"MedicAnimal is the socially conscious alternative to the largely commercial driven online pet pharmacies that seek to grow at the expense of vet practices. We vowed, from the start, that we would grow only through the support of vets and that our success would benefit animal charities world-wide. That's why from the start, we partnered with some of the UK's largest veterinary clinic groups and committed ourselves to donating 5% of profits to animal charities."

MedicAnimal currently actively supports nine charities across Europe, at no cost to its clients, and offers shoppers the option of specifying their favourite charity if it is not amongst the ones already supported.

While continuing to set up partnerships with other welfare charities, MedicAnimal internationally supports: WPSA, PDSA, RSPCA, The Blue Cross, Cats Protection Society, Dogs Trust, SPA (France's leading animal welfare charity), Spanimal (Spain's animal adoption network) and The Cinnamon Trust.

MedicAnimal's co-founder, Ivan Retzignac, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs in London, said: "Giving to animal charities is one of the reasons our business was founded and plays a major role in our philosophy and in our daily work. Goldman's commitment to giving back to the community shaped how I view the role of business in society and was central to our vision of MedicAnimal.

"We strive to be socially responsible because we consider the pets we help, not their owners, our primary client. We put the animal's health first before any commercial interest. Our vets and nurses often refer clients back to their vets for a consult if they have any reason to believe the animal is at risk and we don't just do this for clinics partnered with us but with any clinic."

Partnering with vets is what makes MedicAnimal unique. The company's primary objective is to complement, not substitute, vet practices because they believe that it is only through a joint effort that animal care can truly be improved. To this end, the company has developed a range of services it offers to vet practices that ensures participating vets benefit from their clients' activity on the MedicAnimal website.

Andrew Bucher said: "Most vets offer outstanding care to animals. We do not want to be seen as competition to veterinary practices because we really don't think we are. Instead we are a vehicle for vets to participate in and drive the direction of online pet care.

"We think this is the best way for animals to get comprehensive care and to assure that veterinary 'best practices' are followed online. We actively encourage any veterinary practice to contact us to see how we can work together."

MedicAnimal has already had extensive interest from a number of veterinary practices including the abbeyVET group, which has seven animal surgeries in London.

Alex McDonald, Practice Manager at abbeyVet, said: "We became affiliates of MedicAnimal because they are the only online dispensary, we are aware of, who are committed to increasing communication between vets and clients.

"We believe MedicAnimal helps us increase consults, improve customer loyalty, and retain a portion of revenue from our price-sensitive clients - revenue that we would otherwise have lost."

MedicAnimal is in a stage of rapid growth and change, but the main objective has not been lost in the thriving environment - providing 'care with a conscience'.


MedicAnimal was founded as a socially responsible alternative in pet health care. They are a company of veterinary surgeons, pharmacists, and pet owners across Europe.

How is MedicAnimal™ different from other Pet Pharmacies?

They believe that you want premium care for your pet at affordable prices and that given a choice, you would shop with a company who is committed to helping support less fortunate animals - They are that choice. At MedicAnimal they live by the core beliefs that:

- Pet care should be affordable and convenient: They buy in bulk and ship direct to your door, saving you significant money, time and hassle

- Animal Charities deserve their support: They donate 5% of all profits to charities across Europe, at no cost to you. You can even specify a charity if you don't like theirs!

- Veterinarians are their partners: They wish to complement not substitute your vet and seek to partner with any and all willing vets. They encourage you to ask yours if they are in their network.


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